Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency - For Candidates

Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency - For Candidates

 It is free of charge for all jobseekers! Never pay to use a Recruitment agency! Recruitment agencies work on requests from their clients and are therefore paid by them.

 Job hunting can be quite daunting. Recruitment agencies usually have access to jobs that are not yet advertised. Through many years of affiliations with clients, agencies are often the first to hear about profiles that are required.

 Many Recruitment agencies improve your cv to best represent you before sending out to clients. The vacancy plus the name of the company is always divulged to you before sending your cv out.

 By teaming with a Recruitment agency, job seekers can be assured that their resume gets to the right person which speeds up the chances of you being matched to the perfect vacancy.

 Recruitment agencies will arrange Interviews, negotiations and follow-ups.